Just Don’t Order The Number Two

Excuse Me, But This Sandwich Tastes Like &%^#@#%!

From The Missoulian.com

A former bathroom in the nation’s oldest public park is being converted into  a sandwich shop.

The 660-square-foot Pink Palace restroom was built on Boston Common in the  1920s. It hasn’t been used as a restroom since the 1970s.

Boston officials announced Wednesday that Mayor Thomas Menino (meh-NEE’-noh)  signed a 15-year lease with the Orlando, Fla.-based Earl of Sandwich chain for a  takeout operation at the site.

Earl of Sandwich will pay $50,000 annually. It will renovate the interior of  the mausoleum-like structure for use as a kitchen, with storage and prep  areas.

The goal is to open the shop as early as next spring.

The Boston Common was set aside as public land in 1640. The restroom is  called the Pink Palace because of the pinkish hue of its masonry.

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3 Responses to Just Don’t Order The Number Two

  1. Anonymous says:

    Metaphor alert! Lately this whole country has turned into one big %$#@ sandwich. And we all have to take a bite.

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  2. Mega - D says:

    Have you seen their napkin dispensers?

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  3. Sabaceous Cyst says:

    If the sandwiches taste like %#@&, I wonder if I could interest them in my new line of sandwich sauces?

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