Robert Redford Wishy-Washes On Obama

The Natural

Just In!!!!!!  Robert Redford (aka: Orange Julius) is disappointed in Barack Obama.  But that’s okay because I am disappointed in Robert Redford.  Always have been, but especially when he starred as a 60-something year old baseball rookie in that movie, “The Natural.”

There’s just something wrong about watching Wilfred Brimley calling Redford’s character “son” when you consider that Brimley is only about two years older than Redford.


Though many stars have alreadysignedon to support Obama’s re-election, not everyone in Hollywood is happy with the president. The latest disillusioned celeb: Robert Redford.

The actor has    penned a column in the Huffington Post questioning Obama’s dedication to environmental causes.

“One reason I supported President Obama is because he said we must protect clean air, water and lands. But what good is it to say the right thing unless you act on it?” Redford writes. “Since early August, three administration decisions — on Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline and the ozone that causes smog — have all favored dirty industry over public health and a clean environment. Like so many others, I’m beginning to wonder just where the man stands.”

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