Someone Needs to Get to the Bottom of This, Butt Quick


NZ man jailed for ‘disgusting’ act in library

A NEW Zealand man who indecently assaulted a total stranger in a  library by pressing his face against her buttocks was jailed Monday for two  years and three months for his behavior.

Philip Broughton, 50, indecently assaulted the woman in the parenting section  of the public library in New Brighton, a suburb in the South Island city of  Christchurch, The Press reported.

Broughton, who has a long history of indecent behavior and drunk driving, had  denied the incident happened and claimed that he had been in the library  “looking for books of scientific interest,” but was found guilty of indecent  assault.

Judge Stephen Erber, who described the incident as “disgusting, bizarre, and  humiliating for the victim,” said she was looking for a book in the parenting  section when she felt something pressing on her bottom. She found Broughton on  his knees with his face pressed into her bottom.

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Scientific, my ass.

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  1. Fanny Derriere says:

    He might be able to sniff his way out this if the books he was checking out were in reference to the science of smell.

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