How To Get A Free Cup Of Coffee From Starbucks


Just check under the bathroom sink to see if you are eligible!


From NBC

A Virginia man says when his daughter used the bathroom at the Starbucks in Penn Quarter, she discovered a hidden camera pointed at the toilet.

Washington City Paper’s Lydia DePillis first reported the civil suit filed by Norfolk resident William Yockey against the Starbucks coffee location at 7th Street Northwest, blocks from the National Mall.

Yockey told News4 he was sightseeing with his family on April 23 when they stopped in the Starbucks coffee shop. Yockey said one of the two unisex bathrooms was closed, so he used the other unisex bathroom. His daughter also used the same bathroom.

While washing her hands, Yockey said his daughter turned to him and said “Daddy, there’s a camera.”

According to court documents, the camera was a small, Coby brand digital video camera, planted in the U-shaped drainpipe. The lens of the digital camera was pointed towards the toilet, he said.

Yockey said the camera was still on when he pulled it from beneath the sink and brought it to the coffee shop’s manager to confront her. He said the manager appeared surprised, and called the police to investigate. Yockey said while they were waiting for officers to arrive, the Starbucks manager offered him a cup of coffee.

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  1. Traveler-n-time says:

    I wonder what type of business they were doing in the bathroom!

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  2. Fester Boyle says:

    Something similar happened in California earlier this year:

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  3. PennyThawtz says:

    @fester, did they get the free coffee?

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