Michelle’s Not Gonna Like This


Wendy’s Project Golden Hamburger



From Yahoo.com

NEW YORK (AP) — When Wendy’s decided to remake its 42-year-old hamburger, the chain agonized over every detail. A pickle chemist was consulted. Customers were quizzed on their lettuce knowledge. And executives went on a cross-country burger-eating tour.

The result? Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy, named after late Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas. The burger — with extra cheese, a thicker beef patty, a buttered bun, and hold the mustard, among other changes — will be served in restaurants starting Monday.

“Our food was already good,” said Denny Lynch, a Wendy’s spokesman. “We wanted it to be better. Isn’t that what long-term brands do? They reinvent themselves.”

For Wendy’s Co., based in Dublin, Ohio, reinvention is critical. That’s why executives at the 6,600-restaurant chain spent the past two and a half years going over burger minutiae during an undertaking they call Project Gold Hamburger. That included deciding whether to switch from white onions on its burgers to red (they did), to change the fat/lean ratio of the meat (they didn’t), or to go with plain or crinkled pickles (they picked crinkled.)

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BTW, what’s your favorite fast food hamburger?  Let us know in the comments!

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4 Responses to Michelle’s Not Gonna Like This

  1. PennyThawtz says:

    Hands-down Five Guys, Burgers and Fries!

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  2. enchanted says:

    five guys was voted the worst french fries. I ate at one of their fast food places once just to see what the hype was about. I just couldn’t handle the grease running down my arm. That place is a heart attack waiting to happen.

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  3. PennyThawtz says:

    enchanted, no favorite, then?

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  4. Txaggie94 says:

    The Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. There is no other burger close.

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