Woman Suffers Afro Hair Pat-Down By TSA

Isis Brantley of Dallas says TSA agents approached her to check her hair for weapons outside the security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


From NBC Dallas Fort Worth:

Afro Prompts Hair Pat-Down By TSA

Is it possible to hide weapons in your hair?

The TSA thinks so.

Isis Brantley, a Dallas resident, was at Hartfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Monday going through security. She said agent asked if someone had checked her hair and she said they had not and continued on her way.

She continued down the escalator to catch her flight when she heard someone yelling.

Two TSA agents told her she could not go any further until they checked her hair for explosives, according to Brantley.

Brantley reluctantly allowed them to do it but said the agents patted her hair down right there instead of asking to return to a private area for screening.

“I was outraged. I was humiliated. I was confused,” Brantley said.

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I understand that this might be somewhat embarrassing, but I don’t know about outrage, humiliation and confusion.  I’d save that for the TSA nooks and crannies checks.

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2 Responses to Woman Suffers Afro Hair Pat-Down By TSA

  1. Ontheright says:

    Anyone named “Isis” should most certainly have a hair growth, the size of a large beach ball, thoroughly searched…

    If anyone should be outraged, humiliated or confused, it would have to be Isis’ hair dresser.

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  2. PennyThawtz says:

    @ Ontheright, lol! Welcome to The Morning Spew!

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