Axe Murderer Gets Prison Rehabilitation Course In Wood Chopping


At first, I thought this was some sort of  joke story, but sadly it is true.  I guess the prison officials feel that in order to be set free amongst the general population,  McCulloch must find something he is good at.  This reeks of  liberalism, doesn’t?

BTW, does anyone else find it interesting that his last name is also the name of a company that makes chain saws? 


Axe Murderer, Thomas McCulloch



A Scottish axe murderer sentenced to life behind bars has been allowed out of prison — to take a course on how to chop down trees.

Triple-axe murderer Thomas McCulloch, 63, completed the wood-chopping course at an Aberdeenshire nature reserve and photos of his receiving his certificate have been published in prison magazine The Gallery.

Some people at the prison are unhappy about the decision to let the murderer attend the classes.

“All prisoners going on courses are vetted but I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a murderer like McCulloch near sharp implements such as axes and secateurs,” a prison source told Scottish paper The Daily Record.

“That could be a disaster waiting to happen.”

In 1976, McCulloch and his gay lover, Robert Mone, were convicted of murdering a nurse, a patient and a policeman at a hospital in Scotland.


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