If Public Nudity Does Not Spread Disease, Then Why Does It Make Me Sick?


I don’t really care if  the experts tell me that nudists’ public bench smears do not spread disease.   I am not buying it.  Those smears are chock full of  nastiness that contains  pathogens  which  cause disease, and that is all we “dopes” need to know.   

I would wager that the people who wrote this article would never knowingly sit where some naked bottom had just left its mark.

And honestly, do they allow naked people to dine in restaurants in San Francisco? 


From Slate.com 

Does Public Nudity Spread Disease?

Not especially.

By Michael Thomsen

A proposed law in San Francisco would require the city’s nudists to cover public seats with a protective barrier before sitting down. Supervisor Scott Wiener, who introduced the bill, claims that sharing bus seats, cafe benches, and restaurant chairs with naked people is a threat to public health. It’s a claim that’s been repeated in city ordinances and even a Supreme Court case. Does public nudity really increase the spread of infectious diseases?

Not especially. Unlike most cities in the United States, San Francisco law has allowed public nudity for years so long as it is not “lewd” (i.e. directly connected to a sex act). Yet the city’s department of public health has no published cases of a person who became sick from exposure to the neighborhood nudists. Whatever bodily microbes one of them might deposit on a seat pose no more of a health risk than those you might find in a public restroom or pick up by shaking hands with a stranger.

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