“180” Movie – You have to watch it!


“33 Minutes That Will Rock Your World!”

Most pro-life folks have friends or perhaps even family members who proclaim to be pro-choice, but they can offer no sound or moral reasons  for their positions.  The majority of these abortion supporters are pro-choice because it is what they have been taught in school, by their families,  friends, or through pop culture.  They have never had the opportunity to hear a clear, articulate and moral argument against abortion.  

Using the Holocaust and the rise of Hitler as an analogy, the movie “180” Movie  addresses the general lack of morality in our world and its implications in the abortion issue.  The movie is compelling and right on target.

Watch this powerful movie and forward to everyone you know.  Dare your pro-abortion friends to watch, too.


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5 Responses to “180” Movie – You have to watch it!

  1. When the neo-Nazi says he is “Greek” I wonder if he is using a generic for “gentile” or whether he is of Greek origin. He might want to find out what Hitler’s opinion was of Southern Europeans. Hint: it wasn’t very good.

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  2. PennyThawtz says:

    @Michael, not sure if he is of Greek origin or not, but he is pathetic and sad, no?

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  3. Sorry, Penny, should have made that clear. He is horribly pathetic, sad, misguided, ignorant and dangerous.

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  4. PennyThawtz says:

    @ Michael – you made it clear! Thanks for stopping by!

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