The Herman Cain Tax Reform Plan – Yes, He Cain!


Herman Cain is a man with a plan.  A real plan – which is why Americans are taking notice of Herman Cain. 

From the Washington Times:

Between now and Election Day, President Obama will have to create 8 million jobs just to tie for last place with the previous worst recovery since the Great Depression. Meanwhile, Americans are rightly demanding dramatic overhauls to get this country back on its feet. What does the president do? He doubles down on his philosophy of continuing the beatings until morale improves.

My fellow presidential candidates, to varying degrees, have been tinkering around the edges. With all due respect, you don’t prune weeds — you pull them out at the roots.

Leave it to a politician to start with the current tax code and then move a step or two in the right direction. Leave it to a real businessman to start with what is right and get there immediately.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s 160-page, 59-point plan has “faculty lounge” written all over it. It protects most of the current tax code. Looking for an executive summary, I flipped to the appendix. Frankly, Mr. Romney lost me after his first two points: “Maintain current tax rates …” and “Maintain current tax rates. …” Are those rates really worth maintaining?

His best idea is to “pursue” conservative tax overhaul “over the long term” that includes lower rates and a broader base. Why take your best idea and push it off into some future pursuit? That is confusing motion for action.

Rep. Michele Bachmann also favors a broader system that eliminates deductions and gets everyone to pay income taxes. Pssst, it’s called “9-9-9.”

read the rest of Cain’s plan at The Washingotn Times.


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