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Mmmmmmmm…… Special Flavor

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The Tragedy Of Child Brides

This story is heartbreaking.  I can not imagine a culture that allows this. From National Geographic:   By Caroline Gerdes Child brides are not unique to a single country, religion, or language.  Even though child marriage is illegal in most … Continue reading

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Can Somebody Tell Me Why Sears Hired These Pigs?

  Honestly, I do not get it.  I will not buy a thing from Sears as long as they give these people a platform.       From The Hollywood Gossip: Kardashians Konfirm: Scott Disick Has a Huge Penis Scott Disick … Continue reading

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Great Tutorial On Solyndra From The Tamminator at Hillbuzz

    The Tamminator posts a great video – “Pay To Play In A Nutshell.”  Go over to Hillbuzz to watch!

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Obama Administration Arrogance on Display

This video and caption is from WashTimesVideo   “Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget Jack Lew remained quiet when asked if he was more concerned about president’s re-election when taxpayer funding for Solyndra was approved.”

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Best Ever Obama Bad Lip-Reading Video – “Trick The Bridesmaid”

Slightly NSFW  

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Hilarious Pics Of Wall Street Protesters – Including Pepper Spray Shots!

  These slugs need to go home already.  They made their point, which is that they have no point at all.    From               more at      

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Understatement Of The Year


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Student SAT Cheating Results in Criminal Charges – Politician And Educator Cheating Not So Much

  Now, I am in no way condoning cheating, but I did not realize that people who cheat on the SAT can be charged criminally.  We have politicians who cheat all the time and are never charged with anything.  We … Continue reading

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Your Own Choco Dog

Chef Pete says, “Try this for Dinner with the kids”.   From FoxNews.Com Photo:  John A. Gutierrez   Ingredients: 6 Frozen Corn Dogs (If you’re feeling adventurous you can make your own corn dogs from scratch) 12 ounces Bittersweet Baking … Continue reading

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