Winning! Part Deux!

Okay, since my last post was one of the funniest videos that I have ever seen, this one has to be one of the most pathetic.  Watch as the Wall Street Protester confronts the Jewish man.  Don’t you just love the Jewish guy for standing up to the loser?

BTW, this is a good movie to use when you explain to people why they shouldn’t do drugs.  Knowwhatimean?



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3 Responses to Winning! Part Deux!

  1. Carrot Tops says:

    I guess “killer klein” aka “the lotion man” ha, is ok with paying $7 for a pack of smokes. He also must be a “stand up” son letting his father get foreclosed on. I wonder if his local for the plumbers union is responsible for overseeing the porta-potties. I imagine the smell down on Wall Street must rival the stink of the Wisconsin State House back in February.

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  2. DohBiden says:

    Meanwhile Chuclkes the demented morbidly obese stalinist is supporting these goons,

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  3. DohBiden says:


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