Please Pass The Drugs


Show this to your kids to help keep them drug free.   Language warning, so turn down the volume. 

More Occupy Wall Street Video From Fullon Tard at



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5 Responses to Please Pass The Drugs

  1. Fester Boyle says:

    Dude, I hope these people keep doing exactly what they’re doing. This is the face of the modern liberal movement. And it ain’t pretty.

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  3. Selaniest says:

    1) The Fresh Prince call. Just give him the hat. Serious. No SERIOUS.
    2) That girl rocked those glasses.
    3) My ice cream name ruled! Don’t make me camp in your yard!

    That is all.

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  4. PennyThawtz says:

    @Selaniest, you can camp in the yard, just don’t crap on the car.

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