All Your Fake Crowds Are Belong To Us – Occupy Wall Street Edition


An interesting blog post from concerning a photo circulating the interwebs depicting the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York as massive.  The photo is being offered by some OWS supporters as proof that the protests are much larger than reported by the media.  Tim does a superb job of offering indisputable proof of an altered photo.  

Tim has posted two pictures of the same aerial view.  The top version is the OWS supporter’s version, but the bottom version is the Google Maps version published online one month BEFORE the protest began. 

Head over to and read more:


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3 Responses to All Your Fake Crowds Are Belong To Us – Occupy Wall Street Edition

  1. txaggie94 says:

    There are no words. Only sadness. Sadness caused by knowledge of the fact that so many Americans are so freaking stupid. So very, very stupid.

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  2. Fester Boyle says:

    “Turn off your TVs! There are MILLIONS of people here!” Kind of like the opposite of Baghdad Bob. Also, commies and other statists must lie to succeed. Excellent work by!

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  3. Fester Boyle says:

    Of course, it seems Jason Wettstein (whose name is on the photo) is a professional graphic artist who’s probably looking to get a little free advertising (here, I’ll give him some — see and Still, many in the OWS movement have reportedly been spreading it and citing as evidence of their imaginary numbers. And in the comments, Wettstein reportedly said he was part of the movement and that it’s okay to lie. He reportedly said this: “My take is the world is on its deathbed I would lie cheat, steal and murder to save my daughter a place on this planet these banksters are destroying for imaginary profits.” Ninety-nine percent my ass.

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