Ben & Jerry’s Contest – WINNER

Every once in a while, someone hits the sweet spot.  Threads the needle.  Comes up with a totally kick-ass ice-cream flavah!  Such is mark muhlig’s entry, “Steal This Ice Cream.”  The irony is more delicious than the ice cream itself.

In four words and four syllables, mark has managed to lay bare the fundamental problem with socialism, while exposing the utter hypocrisy behind Ben & Jerry’s cheap publicity stunt and the so-called 99% movement as a whole.  If Ben & Jerry are so enlightened, perhaps they’ll drop their price to $0.00 for those of us in the bottom 99%, and charge the upper crust like a million bucks a carton!  Social justice, thy name is Delicious Frozen Dairy Treats!

mark muhlig, we at The Morning Spew salute you!   In recognition for your excellent contribution, we want to send you a t-shirt.  Please send an e-mail to and provide:  (1) a shipping address; (2) your t-shirt size; and (3) your favorite color for the t-shirt itself.  Here’s what it looks like in Forest Green:

And thanks to everyone for contributing!

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5 Responses to Ben & Jerry’s Contest – WINNER

  1. Carrot Tops says:

    Love the shirt. When will they be available to the general public?

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  2. pollyanna says:

    I want a shirt, too!

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  3. Tigs OM says:

    Where can I steal a shirt??

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  4. txaggie94 says:

    mememememememe! I want a shirt, too!

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  5. Chef Pete says:

    Chef Pete wants an XL shirt and he wants it now.

    Congratulations to Mark Muhlig!!!!

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