Occupy Wall Street Protesters Crapping On People’s Doorsteps


I wonder what is going to take to the city of New York to get control of this.  Who are they protecting?


From The New York Post

Infuriated lower Manhattan residents went ballistic on Zuccotti Park  protesters at a chaotic Community Board 1 meeting tonight while blasting  politicians for allowing the siege to continue without any end in sight.

“They are defecating on our doorsteps,” fumed Katherine Hughes, a stay at  home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. “A lot of  people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of  our kids.”

Fed up homeowners said that they’ve been subjected to insults and harassment  as they trek to their jobs each morning. “The protesters taunt people who are on  their way to work,” said James Fernandez, 51, whose apartment overlooks the  park.

read more at the New York Post

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