If You Read Only One Thing Today, Let It Be This

A well written, informative tutorial on the goals and objectives of the Occupy Wall Street organizers.  Please read it and send the link to everyone, so that the truth gets out. 

From The Hoosier Slant

Why I Despise Occupy Wall Street Hippies, by THS

I graduated from Hillsdale College in 1983 long before it became the popular conservative powerhouse marketed on talk radio by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin.

We were the first wave of Reaganites to land at that small liberal arts college, located in southeastern Michigan, during the regime of our very own “Sun King” — President George Roche III.

Teachers and fellow students strengthened my knowledge of free market economics with the wisdom of Hayek, Bastiat, and von Mises.

Probably the best part of the Hillsdale experience centered on any history class lead by Dr. John Willson, especially the early American days. Willson taught that the American Revolution was more an evolution of experience than some radical French Revolution. Here is a quote from his speech before The Philadelphia Society (well worth the read too):

John Adams once said about the American and French revolutions, “Ours was resistance to innovation; theirs was innovation itself.” A flippant comment, certainly; it nevertheless captures an important truth: insofar as it was successful, the American Founding was rooted in ancient truths, it was not attempting to “touch-off” a transfiguration of the world.

While Hillsdale deepened my resolve for an America more in line with the vision of the Founding Fathers, my basic instinct for the conservative path began well before Ronald Reagan’s ascendancy to the White House.

My right-wing seeds were planted in the 1960s with the hippies and their sit-ins, sit-downs, riots, and firebombing of cities.

As a young kid they scared the hell out of me.  They looked like Charles Manson and Squeaky Fromme.

Hippies fried their minds on LSD.  Burned the American flag and spat on soldiers. They embraced America’s enemies: the Viet Cong, Castro, Mao, Che Guevara, and the Soviets.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organized the Left.  Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, Tom Hayden, and the Weather Underground led them.

The freaks hated California Governor Reagan, mocked John Wayne, and cheered for the traitor “Hanoi Jane” Fonda.

For all the sins of Mayor Richard J. Daley and his corrupt big city machine, he redeemed himself when he unleashed Chicago’s Finest on the Chicago Seven and thousands of counterculture rioters.

That’s right. I said it.

I rooted for those cops swinging their clubs and spraying tear gas at the Radical Left during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

As Mayor Daley would say,  ”Law and order will be maintained.”

Now in 2011 we have another Marxist group called the Occupiers with yet another “Blame America First” campaign.

Will this grow into a law and order headache for mayors across the country?

Looks like it so far.

Arrests and confrontation in New York, Denver, Seattle, Cleveland, Boston, Portland, and Phoenix.  Even the USA Nazi and Communist parties support Occupy.  Around the world we witness Occupy violence and explosions in Rome and the liberals can always count on Red China to bless Occupy.

Did I mention support from the Nazis?

Even liberals at MSNBC itch for more destructive ends.  Can you say Kent State?

It’s funny how a peace and love movement spawns so much violence and civil discord.

It’s interesting how the Tea Party rallies never gave the police any trouble.

The Tea Party’s roots can be traced to honorable men like George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton.  Conservatives swear to defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Left embraces the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror as well as the violent worldwide communist uprisings. Revolutions in Russia and China that had their seeds watered from bloody heads severed by a falling French guillotine blade.

please read the rest at The Hoosier Slant



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  1. txaggie94 says:

    I have a question, dear Penny… Has anyone done a quick comparison between the cities with the most violent OWS (and largest) protests, and the cities with the highest unemployment? Add in the cities with left-leaning political tendencies… Thoughts? If I had the time, I’d do it, because I think it would be enlightening.

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