Can this presidential candidate be trusted?


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…and this well educated and seasoned politician will tell you whatever he wants as long as  it gets him votes.  As many of the other GOP contenders have stated,  I also believe that Mr. Romney is a flip-flopper whose only desire is to be elected President of the United States.  Should he win the election, in my opinion, he will take the country further down the same socialistic path that the current Obumma administration has taken our great nation. America can not let this happen a second time.

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As several leading Republican presidential candidates embrace a flat tax as a core campaign position, one contender stands out in not doing so: Mitt Romney, who has a long record of criticizing such plans and famously derided Steve Forbes’s 1996 proposal as a “tax cut for fat cats.”

Lately, though, his tone has been more positive. “I love a flat tax,” he said in August.


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6 Responses to Can this presidential candidate be trusted?

  1. PennyThawtz says:

    So, anonymous, you support the tea party, then?

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  3. SupraMan says:

    @Anonymous The point was about trust, not opposing principles between Liberal and Conservative politics.

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  4. Mega-D says:

    anonymous … lots and lots of complaints and platitudes, zero ideas. sounds like an occupier to me. color me not fooled

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  5. Molon Labe says:


    Is posting this all over conservative nblogs. He’s just a paid Soros clown paid to monitor blogs that post the onvious about RINOs and progressives.

    What a clown.

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