DOJ Forces School District to Pay New Hire Muslim Teacher $75,000 For Denial Of Unpaid Three Week Hajj Leave


From Floyd Reports

With unemployment mired above nine percent and new jobless claims hovering at 400,000 a week, the Obama administration needed a victory, and at last it has one. The Justice Department has forced a Middle American school district to pay a Muslim teacher $75,000 and implement a sensitivity training course throughout the district, after administrators refused to allow the new hire to take three weeks off for a trip to Mecca in 2008.

Safoorah Khan had held her job as a math lab instructor at McArthur Middle School in Berkeley, Illinois, less than a year when she asked unpaid leave to make hajj, the once-in-a-lifetime religious requirement that is one of the five pillars of Islam. The school district noted that she asked for the leave immediately before exams, was the only instructor in her department, and that the teachers’ union-brokered contract offered her infidel counterparts no comparable leave. Last December, the Justice Department filed suit against the district after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported her complaint. The DoJ argued administrators had violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, discriminating against Khan because of her religion.

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