Occupy Oakland Protester Picks Fight With Car – Car Wins

Quite honestly, if an angry, profanity spewing crowd stopped my car and started pounding on the hood, I might be tempted to run them over, too.  But that’s just me.  Be sure to click over to YouTube and read the comments. LOL. I think people are getting a little tired of this occupy crap. 

NSFW – language

From The LA Times:

Video uploaded to YouTubecaptured footage of a car striking an Occupy Oakland protester Wednesday night. [Note: The video contains music with explicit language.]

“The BART police were the first responders,” Oakland’s interim Police Chief Howard Jordan said at a late-night news conference. “We got there later. I’m told there were 500 people who surrounded the car…”

Mike Porter, a protester who saw the aftermath of the incident, said people crowded the car.

“We had to calm some people down,” Porter said, because protesters were getting upset.

The injury was not life-threatening officials said. KGO-TV in San Francisco reported that BART Police questioned the driver and allowed him to leave.

“I think he was angry and he didn’t seem to use restraint and he didn’t care,” witness Sunny Bostrom told the TV station.

Read the whole thing at the LA Times


I can only assume Sunny was talking about the guy that hit.



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  1. rob says:

    Car wins!

    Sums up life today when machines come first.

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