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Sixteen Year Old Girl Missing From California Occupy Protests For A Week – UPDATE

2/16/2011 UPDATE:  First of all, thankfully it appears that the missing teen is back home with her loving family, as her profile is no longer included in the missing children profiles on the Center For Missing and Exploited Children website.  So, that is good news for all.   I wish them the best – and hope that their troubles are behind them.

Apparently Keith Olbermann, in an effort to grab to some attention,  has taken issue with the reports of the criminal elements attending the Occupy events and has picked a fight with the folks at Breitbart for keeping a lengthy, running tally of reported Occupy associated rapes, assaults, and various other types of criminal and unsavory behavior.

Keith erroneously believes he has “debunked” several of these events, one of which included my post about the young  girl who went missing from a California Occupy event.  On a Daily KOS post, after it appears he calls me a liar, Olbermann writes this regarding  my story:

Number twelve: Chula Vista CA. On November 6th, a woman posts on the Occupy Los Angeles facebook page, asking Occupy to help locate her daughter, 16-year old Ashley Springer. The last the woman knew, Ashley Springer was at Occupy-LA. Breitbart does not note that, according to good news from “The Vanishing Kids Coalition,” by December 9th, Ashley Springer was home, safe, sound, and unharmed.

Here’s the screen cap of that  December 9th “The Vanishing Kids Coalition” Face Book post.

Umm, Keith, where does it say ”safe, sound, and unharmed?”  While I certainly hope this is the case, as far as I can see, it only tells the reader that the child has been recovered.  How does this debunk anything?  The child went missing from an Occupy event and stayed missing for over a month. 

But more importantly, not only did the child disappear from an Occupy event, the Occupy L.A. Facebook people removed the girl’s mother’s plea for help to find her daughter within hours of her posting it.  Not exactly a helpful thing to do when parents are sick with worry over a missing child. 




Found this on another site.   I wonder if this missing girl has been reported to the police or is this another one of those situations that will be handled “internally” by the organizers?  She has been missing for a week and this is the first I have heard of it.  The contact info appears to list the parent contact. 

As of just a few hours ago, the mom was posting on the Occupy Los Angeles Face Book page asking for information:

“Consuelo Reyes Springer Hello My daughter is missing I would like to know where I can contact in Occupy thank you

5 hours ago”

 UPDATE: I just checked the Center For Missing and Exploited Children and did not see the girl listed.

Here is more information.  I pray they her find unharmed. 




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