Occupy Shenanigans or All Your Fake Occupy Pepper Sprays Are Belong To Us

A few days ago I posted this picture of an OWSer getting her eyes washed after what we are to believe is a good dousing of the police pepper spray.  Notice the guy in background.  He doesn’t appear to be in any distress, does he?  He appears calm and looks as if he talking to someone or gazing off into the distance.  Notice the black t-shirt, the short hair and that scruffy beard thing he has going.




Now look at this picture.  Same guy.  Only now he is getting the Pepper Spray antidote, too.  Same shirt, same hair, same scruffy beard thing, too.  He was fine while the OWSer skank was getting her treatment, but now has his picture taken as he is getting the Pepper Spray antidote!   


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