Occupy Wall Street Protesters Threatens Blogger For Free Speech!


Fantastic Blogger, Urban Infidel, who has bravely ventured into the filth  and insanity  of Zuccotti Park to show the world what the main stream media has refused to report, has received a threat from the OWSer trash.  Who do these  OWSer morons think they are?  How dare they think they have the right to control us! 

From Urban Infidel

OWS Cult Attempts to Silence and Intimidate Me

I never post emails but from disgruntled readers but this one really takes the cake.Last night I was giving ’em hell on the OWS Day of Action Riot livestream chat when this little ditty drops into my inbox from an Occupy Wall Street drone dubbed
‘Amber Sands’ at am.persand@mail.com.

Please stop spreading lies about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Do not Troll Livesteam feed.

You have our attention.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Isn’t that nice?Well, Mr. ‘Amber Sands’ here’s some news for you.  I’m glad I have your attention now because I, along with the civilized world, watched what you did to my city last night. And what I saw was repulsive.
I don’t need to tell lies about OWS, the horror script with you guys just seems to write itself.  It’s getting to be almost old hat to recount the daily OWS rapes, deaths, suicides, assaults, thefts, hypodermic needles and human waste running in rivers in our city streets.So now you can add paralyzing New York City traffic, shutting down bridges and subways packed with honest citizens just assuming their lives, chasing down little grade school children and assaulting police officers.

 read the whole thing at Urban Infidel
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