The Best Illustration of The True Goals of The Occupy Movement

This video comes via Brandon at Misfit Politics.  It is great because I think the Occupy Movement has fooled a lot of folks.  The Occupy movement is an anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anarchist movement bent on the destruction of America and other free societies. 

The majority of protesting OWSers are just the useful idiots who have been manipulated to help bring about this destruction.  We should never forget that the Dems have embraced this movement.

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  1. debra sunn says:

    Thanks Spew! This has to be the best litmus test of the real thinking behind this movement. The people who came up with this idea up are spot on with the method of proving “occupiers” real agenda.
    At 9yrs. of age my 60s radical aunt sent me scrambling to the public library arms flailing in the air screaming a girl. I had recieved awards from the Public Library for reading the most books, inwhich one is tested knowledge of the book subject,the author,fiction or non, novel or true story etc. and total of comprehension.(98%) When I requested the subject of anything communist,facist,socialist, the small town librarians eyes shot open, hair stood on end, and jaws dropped! When I explained why, they were scrambling to retrieve anything I needed, and kept it comming to me. I read mostly adult books, and lots of history anyway. It took my aunt about three years to figure out that I was sucking her dry for info. This caused her to hate me. I fooled a leftist “genius” at age 9! Envision her wedding to a professor’s son, in a small town Baptist church and one guest in particular wedding guest who’s appearence was so frightening that many family members were bunched up against the opposite side of the church as close to the wall as possible! When I hear the words “Got to be good lookin cuz he’s so hard to see” on the radio my mind zips back to that dude’s five inch fingernails, three feet of hair over his eyes, just plain creepy, and reeking of weed. She dissed my cousins upon returning from Viet Nam, even after one them lost their wives about three weeks after returning home. She was hit by a train at a railroad crossing. These cousins years later took her husband with them privately(we usually hunted together) and gave him the speak say come-to- Jesus talk of a leftist life time. He and my aunt sped away in the car, and he never returned for any reason again! To us it was like watching Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn ripping down the road, pissed off because they were “misunderstood”.
    Your excellant writters should write a book about these creatures affect on families,from the 60s to present and, a movie would be a dark comedy/hilarious piece of work.

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