Did You Know Kim Kardashian Auctions Off Her Used Clothing For Charity?

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From Shine from Yahoo

Kim Kardashian Keeps 90% of Charity Auction Proceeds

By Joanna Douglas, Shine Fashion and Beauty Editor

Celebrities know their used personal items can raise a lot of money, so they
often auction their clothing and accessories for charity. But some sneaky stars like Kim Kardashian only enjoy doing a good deed if they
can fatten up their wallets. Kim has an estimated net worth of $35 million, but
if she’ll find a way to gain money from her wedding and her divorce, we know profiting off charity
isn’t beneath her.

According to Fox News, the reality star auctioned off around
$1,700 worth of items last week through eBay Giving Works. She sold a $960 Herve
Leger dress, her “Dancing with the Stars” robe for $120, Christian Louboutin
pumps for over $500, Balenciaga heels, and a faux fur vest. But while her
listings are tagged as a “Charity Auction Supporting the Dream Foundation,” she
only gives 10% to the charity, the absolute minimum requirement eBay permits.
She pocketed the other 90%, which was over $1,500.

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