Obama Campaign Hosts Cool Dance Party For Hipsters!

Hey Kids! Come dance the night away with Barack Obama so you can help him destroy the rest of economy!  Have Mom or Dad write a check first though, (cause we know most of you don’t have a J-O-B)!


Cool! Dancing The Night Away With Barry! (dancing Barry via Sodahead)

From CNSnews.com

(CNSNews.com) The Obama campaign’s under-40 organizing arm, Generation 44, is hosting a dance party on Jan. 18 to raise funds for the president’s reelection campaign.

The party, held at Boston dance club The Goodlife, will charge $20 per ticket and feature local Boston performer DJ MR McNeill.

Billed as “A Dance Party for Obama” the event is a 21-and-over event and will run from 7-ll PM.

read the rest at CNSnews.com

And please be sure to wear your HIPSTER GLASSES!!!

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