Obama “Owns Solyndra” Ad – Ouch!



From The Hill

Koch-backed group spends $6 million on anti-Obama Solyndra ad

By Justin Sink

A conservative group is spending $6 million in battleground states on a new ad critical of President Obama’s role in funding the failed green energy firm Solyndra, whose bankruptcy last year despite a federal loan guarantee has proven a major embarrassment for the administration. Americans for Prosperity — a group financially backed by the billionaire Koch brothers — said that the campaign will begin airing Monday in Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and Iowa.
“This ad is important because it puts a spotlight on how cronyism and blind ideology came together in the halls of the White House,” Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement, according to CNN.
The ad implies that Obama helped to secure the $535 million in loan guarantees to help campaign contributors. 

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