No Wagyu For You!

"Well, ain't that a slap in the face!"


After all, didn’t Michelle pressure McDonald’s to clean up their menu?



Michelle Obama celebrated her 48th birthday Tuesday night with her husband and friends at a D.C. steakhouse where the menu features a $28 hamburger named “The Obama.”

BLT Steak describes its “Obama” burger as an 8-ounce American Kobe burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, burnt tomato ketchup, and scallion mustard.

American Kobe beef is from a line of Japanese Wagyu cattle, which traditionally are fed a special diet and massaged to produce the fat-marbling for which the meat is prized.

But the Obamas didn’t have burgers–they reportedly had steak in the private dining room.

In response to a query from, the BLT restaurant chain would not provide any details of the Obamas’ visit, except to say they were “quite honored to have them as our guests.”

But according to one food blog–in a town famous for leaks–the President and Mrs. Obama ordered a 10-ounce American Wagyu steak, which at $81 is the second most expensive item on the menu, just behind the 12-ounce American Wagyu for $92.

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  1. Samantha Pfaff says:

    Steak for me, but not for thee! You people are all too fat!

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