Super Bowl Recipe – Award Winning Tamales

Although Grandma Lupe just happened to be the crowd’s favorite for the winner of 12 out of the last 20 years,  she was not the winner of the 2011 International  Indio Tamale Contest. The winning recipe is from the Jackalope Ranch where Chef Maria prepared the award winning recipe.

Her winning team members as pictured by Blue Ribbon Hunters.


 From Yahoo’s  Shine

Twenty tamale cooks went head-to-head competing for the top tamale. The winner was Jackalope Ranch restaurant with tamale mastermind Chef Maria behind the award-winning recipe. They won the competition with their delicious pork tamale with homemade masa! Maria learned this recipe from her mother in Jalisco, Mexico, and because this is a family recipe that has been passed down for generations, Maria makes the tamales from memory. So to make sure we got it right, we went to Maria’s kitchen to learn how to make the tamales ourselves.

Check out her recipe.


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