Super Bowl – Toasted Pizza Appetizer


This is a delicious and easy recipe which can be made quickly and with little effort.



1 Loaf of Italian bread

1 16 oz package of Italian sausage

8 oz packaged of shredded mozzarella cheese

4 oz butter

4 tablespoon of crushed garlic



Cook sausage as per package directions.

Evenly slice Italian bread in half lengthwise and remove some of the middle from end to end on both halves.

Melt butter and add the crushed garlic.

Put bread on baking sheet under the oven and broiler until lightly toasted.

Remove bread from oven.

Brush buttered garlic on both halves of bread and cover with cheese and top with cooked sausage.

Put back in broiler oven and cook till done ( 5- 8 minutes).

Remove to cutting board and slice into two inch pieces on a angle.

Serve immediately.


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