Bill Maher’s Big Donation To Misogyny

Rush Limbaugh was wrong to call Sandra Fluke a “slut,” but Limbaugh apologized.  Bill Maher has made vile, disgusting misogynist comments on a regular basis against conservative women and even their  young children. Yet, Bill Maher is celebrated and even praised for his generous monetary donations for liberal causes and Obama re-election efforts. 

Liberals need to return Bill Maher’s money to him to show that they really believe what Conservatives know: Misogyny is not acceptable.  Otherwise they are nothing but hypocrites.  Please email this to everyone you know.  Let all Americans see the hypocrisy of the left.

Warning this video is Not Safe For Work, unless you are a liberal…… then it’s apparently funny.  

From ShePACTV:

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  1. Phallus Putz says:

    That million dollars would have been better spent circumcising that schmutz off his beak.

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