The New Updated Gadsden Flag

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  1. 1389AD says:

    Haha, good one!

    By the way…the poop-dumper was reportedly arrested for possession of noxious material, but it is not what you might think! I looked up the “noxious material” statute, and it makes no mention of poop or other common, unpleasant waste products.

    Instead, it’s a law against pepper spray and stun guns. The suspect had a stun gun in his vehicle. That means he was actually arrested, not for poop-dumping, but for the stun gun! Don’t believe me? See:

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  2. PennyThawtz says:

    Thanks for the comments. I consider feces and urine chemical weaponss. I hope they charge him with that. BTW, how disgusting is that this guy was supposedly in charge of the OWSer food?????? Those people are some sick puppies.

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