Ridin’ With Biden Right Down The Political Crapper

Literally, you could not make this up!  It’s like they’ve been let out for a weekend pass.  The amazing thing is that Biden actually tweeted this as if it were a good thing (they could have at least given her a fresh Sharpie).  Check out the crusty chick on the far right, I think she’s holding a pair of socks.  lol.

UPDATE: I got to thinking, the Ridin’ with Biden ladies kinda remind me of Zombies Gals. And then I got to thinking some more, Zombie Gals would most definitely be Ridin’ with Biden (plus they would have a better sign).

Hat Tip via Twitter @LelyaFL1 

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3 Responses to Ridin’ With Biden Right Down The Political Crapper

  1. Sam says:

    I want to slap them in the face with those stupid signs…

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  2. Are We Better Off? says:

    They look like zombies to me. Who could, in their right mind, get caught with a “ridin’ with Biden” sign? Even Detroit doesn’t want to hear him.

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  3. AZfederalist says:

    Gal on the left holding the Obummer sign looks thrilled, absolutely thrilled to be there.

    /Yeah, give me the sign, yeah, I’ll hold it. Whateeever

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