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Los Angeles OWSers Make Video Addressing President Obama

This video address to President Obama was released by Occupy Los Angeles last Wednesday.  It is long and the speakers do prattle on, but it is notable for a few things.  A few hilarious things.  First, it appears there are more reporters … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney Encourages Hillary to Challenge Obama in 2012

Okay, I called this a couple of days ago when I posted this.  I think people thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t.  I truly believe that it is quite possible that Hillary Clinton could easily challenge Obama in 2012.  I believe … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney Pokes P.U.M.A.s With A Sharp Stick

Dick Cheney seems to have a talent for stirring things up.  Remember the PUMAs?  The PUMAs were the Hillary Clinton supporters who felt that the Obama people “stole” the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination from Hillary Clinton.  PUMA stands for “Party Unity My … Continue reading

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