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OWS: Putting the “Fun” in “Dysfunction”

This OWS experiment is fascinating.  It’s like being in a laboratory and watching Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies unfold before our very eyes. Just for those of you keeping score at home, here are some of the very … Continue reading

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New Reader Challenge – Make a Music Video!

Wow, the Ben & Jerry’s contest was fun.  So fun, in fact, that we want to jump right into another reader challenge.  This time, it’s all about the video. Here’s the deal.  Fester has written you a little ditty about … Continue reading

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Well Lookie Here, We Got Us a Academic

The other day, we featured Urban Infidel’s excellent work covering the “Occupy” protest at Manhattan’s Zucotti Square.  (See our post:  Repeat After Me:  You Can Make Sweet, Sweet Love to Animals.)  The whole thing had Fester wondering what kind of … Continue reading

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Why Do Democrat Politicians Hate Voters?

Fester has previously documented the Democrats’ growing disdain for the American public.  To recap: we’ve heard unions call for “taking out” the SOBs in the Tea Party; President Øbama fancying himself a middle-class warrior and calling for what sounded a lot like … Continue reading

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The 99%? Aw, Hell No!

Here’s a telling video from “Occupy Atlanta.”  It’s so weird on every level.  First, there’s the bizarre practice of having the crowd repeat everything the speaker says.  It’s like a cult — or the Borg.  As the video description says: … Continue reading

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Of Communist Dog Whistles

  How desperate are the Democrats right now?  As they watch their popularity tank because they are so head-scratchingly incompetent, they seem to be fomenting some kind of communist revolution/freak show.  What losers.  When the going gets tough, they lose their … Continue reading

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