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Mr. Scam Man – The Anti-Obama Song

Watch this: That’s all folks! hat tip – MR  

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Hot New Model Is A Man

LOL!  This is why full-figured gals rule. At least you know what you are getting.  Most of the time.  Story here, if you want to know more.

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Los Angeles OWSers Make Video Addressing President Obama

This video address to President Obama was released by Occupy Los Angeles last Wednesday.  It is long and the speakers do prattle on, but it is notable for a few things.  A few hilarious things.  First, it appears there are more reporters … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Folk Hero “The Praying Man” Exposed!

Saint Ollie Oyl of Zucotti   A man who was arrested last week for praying in a city street during the OWS protest and whom Occupy Wall Street protesters have dubbed, “The Praying Man” is actually wanted on an arrest warrant in Indiana for sunbathing completely nude while marinating … Continue reading

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