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The Great Occupy Wall Street Feces Caper

This really makes me spew.  Would make a great Democrat 2012 campaign ad since they have embraced the “movement.”  Really makes the point.   <   From  Gothamist: In the war against Occupy Wall Street, the NYPD is bringing out … Continue reading

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Outrageous! No New York Victory Parade For New York Giants!

Oh, did I say ” NEW YORK GIANTS?”  I am soooooooo sorry!   After rereading the article, I see they were actually writing about  “IRAQ WAR VETS!”  My bad.     From Fox News.com New York Mayor Michael  Bloomberg says there will be no … Continue reading

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Unions To Join Wall Street Protesters

    Of course, when all else fails, look for the union label.   It is so ironic that Obama, the man union power helped to elect POTUS,  has maintained an unemployment rate hovering around 9% for quite some time.   And these people … Continue reading

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