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Hilarious “Night of the Living Pelosi” Political Ad

Pretty entertaining political ad put out by California Congressional candidate John Dennis, who is running against Nancy Pelosi.  The actress portraying Stretch has got her mannerisms down pretty good.  Enjoy!

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Pelosi/Obama Mute Button Ad

Found this over at Hot Air.  It’s the new Team Romney Ad.  Short and sweet, and right to the point.  “Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who broke Watergate, recently wrote that during stimulus negotiations, President Obama called his Democratic leadership team, Harry … Continue reading

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A Tight-Faced Nancy Pelosi Ridicules Jobs Bill

This video is hilarious.  Can you over botox to the point of speech problems?  I feel like I’m watching a slurpee talk.

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Obama’s War On The Church

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Nancy Pelosi Offers Her Support & BlessingsTo Occupy Wall Street Protesters

    If I were Nancy Pelosi, I would be a little torn right now.  How does one come out in support of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters, as Pelosi recently did, and at the same time meet one’s obligations to those same banks which, … Continue reading

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