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The Original George Washington Chicken McNugget

  From The Daily Mail This McDonald’s chicken nugget is up for auction on eBay after an eagle-eyed diner spotted it has a famous political doppelganger – the first American President George Washington. Rebekah Speights was about to throw the … Continue reading

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Fragrant Fouls – Something Stinks

Below is a video of a Washington state high school basketball game which was recorded by a spectator to highlight complaints of poor officiating and uncalled flagrant fouls.  The person who recorded the video and posted it on several social media sites had intended … Continue reading

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Herm Cain Gets Its

    I have been saying this all along.  If they believe government corruption is the problem, why aren’t the protesters protesting in Washington, D.C.?  My answer is this:  Because these demonstrations really aren’t about government corruption.  These demonstrations are brought about … Continue reading

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