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Occupy Wall Street Website Of Tears Becoming More Hilarious

 The stories are getting more ridiculous and pathetic.  Just a little attempt personal responsibility would be nice.  If you crave more of these tales of woe, check out our other post here.                 

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Proof That “Blame Bush” Is Now Officially “Blame Obama”

Yet another entry from the Wall Street Website of Tears.  I ask you, what happened in November of 2008?  It’s good to know that some of these 99% are coming to their senses.     Blame Obama

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The Wall Street Protesters’ Website of Tears

  The Wall Street protesters have a web site called, “We Are The 99 Percent.”   This site permits the supporters and participants of the Wall Street protests (the 99 percent) to submit and publish to the site  handwritten notes of  their own personal … Continue reading

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