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Young Chinese Girl Drives Car On Busy City Street

This made me laugh.  I think it is because the kid is such a superb driver.

From NBC News

By Ed Flanagan

BEIJING – China has welcomed millions of eager new drivers onto its increasingly congested roads in the last few years.

None appear as young as this young whippersnapper.

Ever-popular China blog, Shanghaiist, pointed us toward this disturbing video of what appears to be a young girl around the age of 4 or 5 casually driving a small sedan down the streets of a Chinese city.

Even more surprising though is the fact that she is apparently accompanied by two adults – presumably her parents – who encourage her as she navigates early morning traffic (the clock at one point shows 7:00 a.m.).

“Drive safely,” says the woman holding the camera at the beginning of the clip to the young girl as she starts down the street, her head barely reaching over the wheel. Later, about 40 seconds in to the video clip, the young girl brightly notes that the “flowers are starting to bloom” as she passes a large SUV before a man in the back reminds her again to drive carefully and pay attention to the road.

Later about 1:05 into the clip, the bubbly girl actually makes a fairly deft pass around a car in front of them that is waiting at a stoplight to make a left turn.

The question of how this young girl’s legs were able to reach the gas and break pedals is answered at the end of the clip when the girl stops the car and a man comes around and appears to remove some sort of extension pedals from beneath the driver’s area.

read the rest at NBC News

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    No seat belt laws in China?

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