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Then Again, Maybe It’s Over the Line?

Julianne Hough

Most days, if someone promises “Hollywood carnage,” Fester will giggle and silently urge them on.  But this one seems a little uncool.  The U.K.’s Daily Online reports that Hollywood Leaks (reportedly an offshoot of the hacker group “Anonymous”) has been hacking the cell phones and Twitter accounts of H’Wood celebs and posting their phone numbers — as well as private (sometimes intimate) photos.

Read the whole story here.

Now, normally Fester would condone harassing the Thespians, Divas, and Fooles of the Left Coast.  Most of them are just asking for it with their prancing, primping, and political preaching … pride before the fall and all that.  But man, you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.  This time they’ve gone after Julianne Hough – America’s sweetheart!  I mean, what did she ever do?  Okay, okay, there are the zit-cream commercials, but for heaven’s sake, she’s just trying to help people.

But perhaps some good will come of this.  On the heels of Miss Hough’s misfortune, it seems that karma has finally gotten involved, by way of New Scotland Yard.  These slickest of British bobbies have arrested two hacktivists from Anonymous, and are gunning for more.  Perhaps Hollywood Leaks will be a short-lived enterprise after all, and the carnage will be minimal.

Where were these guys during Weinergate?

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