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Confederate Motors

Do you like motorcycles?  Yeah?  Do you like badass motorcycles?  Oh, yes.  Yes you do.

Then look no further than Confederate Motors, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama (oh sweet home).  A Confederate isn’t just a motorcycle — it’s an implement of battle, designed to assault the very ground it treads.  These bikes are made of aircraft-grade billet-aluminum and carbon-fiber chassis components, massive Brembo brakes, jackhammer-like 120 cubic-inch v-twin engines, and truck-like 240 mm rear meats.  They have names like “Hellcat,” “Fighter,” and “Wraith.”  And they are tough – so tough, in fact, that head designer Ed Jacobs says you’ll have it “forever”:

And did I mention that they’re badass?  Feast your eyes on this clip.  If you’re not inspired — or at least a little scared — by this menacing American groundpounder, you have no soul:

Still don’t believe me?  In 2007, Confederate entered the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building (Production Manufacturer Class).  The Wraith and the Hellcat took first and second place, respectively.

Did I mention that these bikes are badass?

Fester likey!  Three cheers for Confederate Motors!

  1. Traveler-n-time
    September 5th, 2011 at 14:25 | #1

    Saw one of these in West Thumb, Yellowstone National Park yesterday, and they are truly “badass bikes”.

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