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It’s Unanimous, Then


This is what Obamacare looks like!

Daily Mail blogger Don Surber reports that even liberals now agree that Obamacare was not so much a “big f**king deal” as it was a “big f**king mistake”:

Via Noel Sheppard at News Busters comes word that Chris Matthews asked panelists on some round table show he runs, “What has been President Obama’s biggest mistake in his two and a half years so far?” Readers already knew the answer. Obamacare. Barack Obama wasted political capital on this half-baked attempt to have the government take over health insurance. I have said this repeatedly. But now it is dawning on the political insiders that maybe instead of playing hardball with the opposition, Barack Obama should have tried to swing a few Republican votes his way.

The rest of the post is here – complete with a partial transcript from Matthews’s show.

Not “good policy,” you say?  Some of us knew that even as we helplessly watched this slow-motion psuedo-legislative projectile vomit emerge from the filthy maw of Asmodeus himself.  Now the lefties are admitting we were right.  To them Fester says: Nyah nyah and all that, but welcome to the party nonetheless.  Now please grow up, and help us undo your mess.

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