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Just Keep Talking, President O-Blah-Blah


Regular readers of this blog know that we’ve been — shall we say — skeptical about President Øbama‘s much-ballyhooed jobs speech since Obama was still living la dolce vida in Martha’s Vineyard.  Turns out, we’re hardly alone.  First, there was the reaction of the global markets, which basically sucked.  Now, there’s the polling data — which ain’t so hot either.

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein has boned up on Gallup’s latest numbers, and reports that they are nicht so gut:

Not only did President Obama fail to get a bounce from his jobs speech to a joint session of Congress, but his approval rating actually declined slightly following last Thursday’s address, according to Gallup.

In the just released Gallup daily tracking poll, which now has three days of polling since the speech was delivered last Thursday (Sept. 9th through 11th), Obama’s approval rating has fallen to 42 percent.

Read the rest here.

So it seems President Ron Burgundy really is just an empty suit, devoid of any creative ideas, a mere fleshy extension of his TelePrompTer.  It’s clear beyond cavil that he didn’t learn a bloody thing after the 2010 midterm “shellacking” that his policies precipitated.  What do you do when your shtick has become tiresome?  How do you react when your combative and childish tactics have run their course?  What’s the proper course of action when your latest “major speech” backfires in your face?  Do you:  (a) recognize your ideological disconnect with the real world and recruit new, more grounded advisors; (b) conciliate with your opponents and pursue a more realistic agenda; or (c) travel all over the country to repeat the very speech that alienated voters and caused market declines around the world?

Dude, this is Obama we’re talking about.  Oh so very fail.

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