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Gutsy Mr. Grayson

Alan Grayson - A man with guts

Yes, that Mr. Grayson! Not content with having been booted out of Congress after only one term, Mr. Grayson wants his seat back.  I think his slogan is “a man with guts.”  Aren’t we all?

Anyway, Grayson had this in response to a few morons who yelled “let him die”  after Ron Paul was asked a question about a man without health insurance during last night’s CNN Tea Party debate (watch that video here in my earlier post).

The speech to which Grayson is referring in his latest spew is the speech that launched his political career right into the The Beltway Crapper. You can watch it here

From The Huffington Post by Alan Grayson:

My speech was about the fact I had been listening to the Republicans for months, and they literally had no plan to help all those millions of people who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick. So I said, in sort of a wry manner, that their plan was “don’t get sick.”  All I really wanted to do was just call attention to the stark absence of a Republican plan. But Fox, trying to take the heat off Joe Wilson and Sarah Palin I guess, transmogrified that into a charge that Republicans want to kill people.

What you saw tonight is something much more sinister than not having a healthcare plan. It’s sadism, pure and simple. It’s the same impulse that led people in the Coliseum to cheer when the lions ate the Christians. And that seems to be where we are heading — bread and circuses, without the bread. The world that Hobbes wrote about — “the war of all against all.”


Good grief, Al, get a grip.  I wonder if he is afraid of eclipses.

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