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This Is WTF-Worthy


The Most Intelligent Man Alive

The science is settled:  ”Al Gore” and “reality” should never appear in the same thought.  Yet the International Business Times is reporting that he’s about to get his ecological freak on yet again, to teach mankind once and for all that you’re all fools – fools, I tell you:

Former Vice President Al Gore plans to renew his 30-year campaign to convince skeptics of the link between man-made pollution and global warming this week in a 24-hour global multimedia event.

Called “24 Hours of Reality,” the campaign, known as the Climate Reality Project, will broadcast a new presentation about climate change every hour for 24 hours across 24 different time zones from Wednesday to Thursday.  It will air on Current TV, the network and Web site platform co-founded by Gore in 2005, …

Oh well, if it’s on Current TV, no one will actually see it, right?  Well, as the preceding ellipsis suggests, Al’s not done talking, fool.  Listen up:

… and will also take over some social networks.

The campaign is recruiting volunteers to hand over control of their Facebook and Twitter accounts for a few days in order to spread word about the event and broadcast Gore’s presentations.

So apparently there are nearly a million Stepford sheeple who will entrust Mr. Second Chakra with their personal information, photos, etc. so that they can force this crap down your freaking throat, denier!

Fester thinks this will end about as well as when Skynet became self-aware.  As in, it ain’t gonna win over any friends.  And if any of these Facebook/Twitter zombies get hit with some massive virus, well, they had it coming and frankly I hope they learn a terrible terribly important lesson.  Meanwhile, Fester’s twitchy fingers will be poised above Facebook’s “defriend” button.

You can read more about this colossally annoying operation here.

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