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Hansel Located – Gretel Nowhere To Be Found

From NBC Chicago

Police in Berlin are baffled over the identity of a boy who  emerged from the forest, saying he’d lived there for five years with his  father.

The boy, believed to be about 17, showed up at Berlin’s City  Hall on Sept. 5. He said he had lived in earthen huts and tents with his father  until the elder man died. At that point, the boy, who speaks fluent English and  little German, used a compass to walk north for two weeks, finally winding up in  Berlin carrying a sleeping bag and backpack, according to The Associated  Press.

“He said that he had lived for the last five years wandering  around with his father,” Police spokesman Michael Maass said. “We don’t know  where.”

Maass said the boy claims he and his father went into the  forest after his mother died. The boy says he doesn’t remember where his family  came from, but said his father called him “Ray” and that his dad’s name was Ryan  and his mother’s name was Doreen. He is in good health and police have issued a  Europe-wide appeal to try and determine his identity, though they would not  release photos of him.

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