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With Obama, It’s Middle Class or No Class at All


Working-class ninja.

“Hey everybody, the Republicans say I’m engaging in class warfare!  Ha ha, silly Republicans.  BTW you guys, I’m a warrior for the middle class!”

So went President Obama’s recent speech in Cincinnati.  See the video here, at RealClearPolitics.  Let’s put aside the internal incoherence of Obama’s argument.  Let’s put aside the shameless and painfully obvious pandering that’s going on here.  Let’s look at the record instead.

Remember the time when the Obama administration didn’t raid the Gibson Guitar factories?  Remember how the craftsmen weren’t idled, and middle-class employees weren’t threatened with jail time?  Remember when Obama didn’t suggest that Joe the Plumber would  suddenly become rich once his business made more than $250K a year, and that he’d need to spread the “wealth” around?  Remember how well the middle class fared when Obama kept making speeches while unemployment didn’t stagnate and middle-class people had a nearly unprecedented number of new jobs?  Remember how Obama didn’t want to limit or obliterate the home-mortgage deduction on federal income taxes?  Remember when Obama didn’t seek to impose crushing overregulation on businesses, so they could hire more middle-class workers and lower unemployment?  Remember when Obama’s policies didn’t create such uncertainty that the financial markets simply sputtered, causing middle-class citizens to watch their retirement savings dwindle?  And remember the time when Obama didn’t choke down on domestic oil production, thus lowering fuel prices for middle-class Americans?  Neither do I.

The fact is, Obama has no idea what it’s like to be in the middle class.  He’s been coddled most of his life, and now lives in the lap of luxury.  To claim he’s now a warrior for the middle class means one of two things.  Either he’s full of crap, or he’s a miserable failure.