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Obama Asks Hollywood Celebrities To Share Obscene Wealth With The Rest Of Us!


While on a West Coast fund-raising tour which included attendance by many wealthy celebrities, Obama said this:  “What this election is about is everyone gets a fair share.”

If Obama truly believes that , then why do celebrities get to live like kings and the rest of us not so much?   Why do they enjoy multiple fine homes and cars, swimming pools, fine dining, household help, designer clothing and spa treatments?  What makes them so special?  Isn’t it time celebrities fork over some of that cash and give it to the people who deserve it? 


President Obama participates in an election campaign rally at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, September 26, 2011.Credit: Reuters/Jason Reed


From Reuters:

Obama West Coast swing shows fundraising strength

By Alister Bull

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama topped up his re-election war chest with a string of successful West Coast fundraisers that ended Monday and showed soft poll numbers had not dented his ability to raise big money.

Despite tough economic times, supporters shelled out for events from Seattle to San Diego that likely raised upward of $5 million in two days, paying up to the legal limit of $35,800 to hear Obama speak.

“What this election is about is everyone gets a fair share,” he told a packed crowd of over 800 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles after a performance by the rapper B.o.B.

Obama’s approval rating dropped over the summer as concern mounted the United States was headed into a second recession, but he has still been able to pull in plenty of fundraising dollars.

His campaign team also said it was close to racking up a million donors, recalling his massive grass-roots fundraising push that helped him win the White House in 2008.

Tour events have been crammed with guests, who applauded loud and long in response to his intensified criticism of Republicans and his oft-repeated call for Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs bill.

At one stop in Silicon Valley, the heart of America’s high-tech industry, he called out Texas Governor Rick Perry by name, honing in for the first time on one of the front-runners to win the Republican Party nomination to face him next year.

In Seattle, he chided his political opponents for threatening a government shutdown over disaster funding.

Later Monday, he spoke before a group of Hollywood celebrities, including actor Danny DeVito, who took pictures of the president from his seat, producer/director Judd Apatow and actress Eva Longoria.

“I think Hollywood is very positive. I think they’re very excited about what is going to happen next year,” Jon Landau, who produced the film blockbusters “Avatar” and “Titanic,” told reporters.

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